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An example of how we can never run out that uses a source that requires reactors that haven’t been designed , that uses 10 times more energy just to dig up than you would get from it . They have 21 days to make a determination whether Trump is able to «discharge the powers and duties of his office» or not. It will take a two-thirds majority of BOTH houses (67 Senators & 292 Representatives) to sustain Pence & company in their coup attempt. xcritical courses scam The point being, even though in general Eastern Europe economy has been improving as everywhere in the world for the last 20 years , there was a period of catastrophic failure before that most people missed or have a little idea of due to institutional problems. Yes, most of the growth is «rebound» from previous system restructuring itself, and many people who only lived in one economical system have little idea what it can mean.

  • Rather than bathing plants with white light , a Pinkhouse uses a mix of red and blue light.
  • The correct response to the situation is not to reject the benefits of privilege but to use them to help people with less.
  • This is a kind of sleeper story because it’s almost always local government that does the work and the benefits tend to be seen as purely local.
  • 2019 would be a great fucking year for all the fucking males and old people and ideologically boxed-in HSS to sit the fuck down before the Orcas decide they’re not worth it.
  • It continues to amuse me, and very little about these people does, that the surest sign that someone is a snowflake is them ranting about snowflakes.

Growing plants indoors is feasible for such conditions as the customers of the Chinese LED sellers are working to, and others which share the same characteristic of very small scale. But on the scale of a replacement for the output of a tenth xcritical cheating of the planet’s surface, it’s so far beyond being even remotely feasible as to be ludicrous. CHP schemes and the like are irrelevant, because it’s not getting the heat out of the facilities that’s the problem, it’s getting it off the planet.

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Which the beasties would presumably also eat. I fear that many wind and tidal plants would also suffer. Tall wood gets green light from building code This is actually a big deal, It allows the construction of timber skyscrapers, allowing the replacement of cement and steel with heavy timber and engineered plywood. Steel and concrete production together account for 10% of all greenhouse gases.

  • Tall wood gets green light from building code This is actually a big deal, It allows the construction of timber skyscrapers, allowing the replacement of cement and steel with heavy timber and engineered plywood.
  • I will comment on hypothesis, as well as your counter-arguments.
  • Work 2 or 3 jobs to keep a roof over their heads?
  • To achieve population growth you require to have more births than deaths, and, in a war, pretty much by definition, the number of couples who have children reduces whilst at the same time the number of deaths increases.
  • If not, what collection of lies are you following?

As another sufferer from SAD, they help only a little – I also take vitamin D tablets, which is probably a waste of time. The ONLY solution is to go somewhere with more sun. For those people with SAD who can, now is a good time to take a train trip for a a fortnight in the south-east of Spain, though it’s a two day trip from Edinburgh . The idea of credit being linked to expected economic growth is also why the more reactionary .01% types alarm me, if they successfully convince a majority that economic gains will never be theirs, why cooperate in a charade?

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Some, if not all of us are anti-communist for the exact same reason we are anti-fascist.Lack of education, obviously. Earth-centrists think of themselves as of higher-educated beings, and nobody could be smarter or more knowledgeable than them. They know absolute truth, and anyone who is denying it, is obviously a flat-earther, or at least a flat-earther who has no idea what he’s talking about. 1) Chamberlain makes «I have a piece of paper» speech at Croydon. 2) He returns to 10 Downing Street and calls an emergency Cabinet.

So I think any sensible solution will use a lot of solar PV and a lot of building redesign/rebuilding and a lot of ocean wind. One very elderly member of my family is bedridden and this paper product is a big part of in-home care. Right now the easiest and sorta-affordable option is the paper diaper. These things are way bigger than the baby diapers we used for our prog and I can’t help but wonder how we’re going to manage our forests and paper mills once 30%+ of the population starts needing several of these every day.

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No idea, but suspect that such info is kept as confidential as IRS tax filings. FINRA (a non-gov’t body reporting to Congress) is supposed to oversee https://xcritical.expert/ this type of actvity but I’ve never seen anything substantive from them. To GT @756Look, Stalin was maybe, perhaps marginally less-worse than Adlof.

  • Coinage started when the temples were looted, the precious metals melted down into standardized amounts, these were given to soldiers to spend , and taxes were collected in coins to force the locals to accept this new kind of currency from outside conquerors.
  • People in developed countries really like their «capitalism» even though there are as many definitions of capitalism as there are historically major powers out there.
  • Even the best rechargeable battery wears out over time and will no longer take a charge.
  • But leave them out, and has the number of people in the world in extreme poverty declined?
  • I’m not disrupting the flow of traffic by going too fast or too slow.
  • These touches are a handy shortcut to the let the rest of us know we don’t need to take him seriously or bother much with his comments.

It is sure to be the case that if there were no SUV’s we would have fewer deaths. If everyone drove 5 star crash rated small sedans car crash death rates would be quite a lot lower. Bigger heavier vehicles can ‘win’ a crash and get a bit of safety by crushing the other vehicle more, but that’s a less than zero sum game. Smaller lighter vehicles are putting less stress on materials, are easier to stop, harder to flip, etc, etc. I am old enough to remember when the law was drive to the conditions, not the regulations, and that was what I was taught to do and still do.

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Neither of them working at all like «chieftanship» is described above – they didn’t «own all the stuff» as part of their «office». Ninety-nine percent of the time the Speaker’s role is ceremonial with a touch of headmastering an unruly and fractious Third Form. The times it isn’t cut and dried is the time a Speaker’s mettle is tested.

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That legal understanding is changing throughout California , but in Syria, the lack of commons to manage aquifers helped spark their civil war. Mostly, cruise control helps in those situations where you have to drive all day. By the time you’re near the end of the trip, gotta-get-there-itis becomes so overwhelming the temptation to speed becomes almost irresistible. Commons can clearly be managed well if someone enforces good behavior. Air pollution and rivers are good examples because both are commons according to my definition, and both were managed abysmally until emission control and treatment standards were imposed . Commons can also be horribly mismanaged, despite the implementation of organisations to manage them, as in the case of our current global failure to manage CO2 levels in the atmosphere responsibly.